Mindset Challenge-Day 5~The good, the bad, the “positive”

Along with my new business M.Y.E., I have been taking a business diploma program. One of my courses is psychology. Although I haven’t taken studies on psych I have done a lot if research on areas of psychology as ways to learn about how the mind and psyche works.

Positivity and psychology recently crossed paths in a new way called positive psychology.  The perspectives are about how positive influences impact our lives through mental and emotional experiences to lead to happiness.

I’ve also researched a lot about mental health.  In mental health, the factors that will lead to happiness for someone struggling with depression or anxiety aren’t textbook and are different then the conventional approaches to happiness and joy. It’s known that mental health exists differently with racialized ccommunities. The factors that lead to mental health issues in communities of colour are layered. That is why I am very mindful in using the word positivity. What might call for being positive in standard views are often different then what it means for my people and culture.

It urges us to explore, what is positivity? Being in spiritual communities for two decades, I heard about positivity a lot. In fact, being neutral is what is encouraged in the yoga path I used to be a part of.

These days, I feel it’s important to seek balance and wellness. To live in ways that ultimately elevate us. But we should release the judgment attached to good, bad, positive and negative.  Trying to strive  for some ideal state of positivity can be damaging. Something we view as good may not always be best, something bad might be something we can grow from. As it’s said,  some things don’t happen TO us but FOR us.

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