Mindset Challenge-Day 3~Productivity

This global pandemic is an interesting time to define or redefine how we look at productivity

In the capitalist world we live in,  productivity is always at the forefront of our minds. Are we doing enough? Are we doing too much? Are we busy or productive? Are we procrastinating or patient?

Anxiety starts to set in when you feel like you aren’t being productive enough to make enough money, to build your business, to build a legacy, to create a lifestyle. Especially during times where we are advised to limit our activity and so many things are in lockdown it can bring us to a standstill.

In my perspective,  we need more stillness to really get perspective on our lives. Maybe slowing down is what we need? I remember the early days of working so hard on my businesses while homeschooling my kids. It led to many moments of burn out.  I lacked perspective on what productivity was and what my priorities are.

These days, my priority is to function at my highest potential. If that means scaling down a busy schedule to give more energy or time to my family then I do that. When the time comes to re-energize my hustle then I increase my workload.

Being on at all times is just impossible (and unnecessary). There’s no shame in taking naps, taking breaks, recouping, reflecting, reassessing.

What do you do to balance productivity in your life? If there are things you can work on, what would you to to make changes?

Productivity Worksheet

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