Day 9~Know your Worth

“Know your worth. Then add tax”

Knowing your worth is knowing where to spend your energy and time. Lack of boundaries are a clear sign of low self worth. Successful people have learned how to establish healthy boundaries. Especially learning when to say “no”! It is  challenging for many people but it’s a necessary part of knowing your worth. The more we over-extend ourselves the less focus we can put towards areas in life that reflect of self-value and worth.

Self-care, getting enough sleep, eating healthy and staying physically active are all acts of self-worth.

Also, not seeking validation from others is a key part of self-worth. I still remember 20 years ago, a spiritualist told me to do what is best for me. That strongly resonated with me at the time. I was a new mom with a newborn and I needed to stop listening to unwarranted opinions or advice and listen to my intuition instead. Once I started doing that I started having more confidence in myself as a woman and mother.

What can you do to value yourself and increase your self-worth?

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