Day 8~ Fear is an Illusion

As entrepreneurs, the fear of failure is real! The other side of the coin is being a risk taker to push through the fears

We self-create fear based on our programmed ways of thinking, our upbringing and past experiences.  Often times, the fears we have are exaggerated.

How often do your fears unfold in real life in the magnitude you imagined? Not even close right?

Feel the FEAR and do it anyway!

How about testing your fears? Identify them by making a list. Then play out your fears to the complete end. What do you think will be the situation if your fears happen in real life?

This isn’t to trivialize your concerns. If anything giving yourself compassion for your fears is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Many of us are too hard on ourselves and we can be relentless with thinking about the “what ifs”

Accept and study your fears. For example, I remember how fearful I was when I first quit my job and ran a business with two toddlers as a single mom. Understandably, I was afraid of being able to manage it all. I didn’t realize what I was doing at the time but I studied my fears. I identified my fears and researched as much as I could on the topics that were reflective of my life. I read books in single mothering,  entrepreneurship, homeschooling, raising a family etc. It helped me find strength in the knowledge I gained. We tend to be afraid of the unknown so knowing made a huge difference for me.

Discover the ways you can bring forward your self-compassion, strength, fortitude and abilities to approach your fears. How can you take actions? (even if it’s baby steps). If you realize you need help with life coaching or therapy to manage your fears then that’s okay also!

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