Day 21~ Natural hits of dopamine

Did you know that addiction to social media is related to dopamine levels in the brain? You may ask what that has to do with mindset. The way it relates is, activity on social media effects the receptors in the brain to trigger your emotions. The likes and hearts are said to increase dopamine levels to make you feel a sense of approval, validation and acceptance. When people tend to have low days or moments they can get a hit of dopamine by checking social media.

Finding that out was interesting for me because I rely heavily on social media to promote my business. I had to become more aware of the way I prioritize social media in my life so that I don’t allow it to become my way of increasing my mood.

Here are some natural forms of dopamine that I live by:

  • Eat more protein rich foods. I am vegetarian so I eat a lot of plant-based protein
  • Exercise. I do yoga and exercise.
  • Sleep. I get enough sleep and I cut off caffeine before 5pm to be sure it doesn’t interfere with my sleep
  • Music increases dopamine levels
  • A healthy gut. Eat probiotic-rich foods or take probiotic foods

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