Day 20~ We don’t beg, We attract!

Starting a business can be a lonely road often. You will find that your biggest supporters might not even be your family or friends but believe¬† it or not…total and complete STRANGERS! This required a huge shift in me. The ones who judged my choices and business in the beginning when I was still building and not making much profit yet were those closest to me. In fact, many thought I was completely crazy! Until they seen the results lol years later, I made up to 6 figures in my business, opened 3 studios, had various training groups, travelled and hosted retreats. Then they started seeing what I started had potential.

Here’s the thing, if I waited for them to catch up and support me and expected them to understand the method behind the madness I would have folded and abandoned my goals long ago. I wouldn’t have gotten even close to where I did because their lack of support and opinions would have held me back.

Now 16 years later successes, mistakes, ups and downs were completely worth it all! Don’t wait for support. Keep doing you! Follow your intuition and keep going🙏🏽

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