Day 2- Mindset Challenge ~Gratitude

As an entrepreneur that runs a business from home and homeschooled so many years, it can be easy to get sucked into everyday life without taking the time to strike a balance in the day. As I mentioned in previous posts, I experienced burn out. Mental health has always been a major part of my wellness lifestyle. I strongly believe caring for your mental health is the way to true success.

There’s several things I do to keep my mental health in check. One of those things is expressing gratitude daily. Gratitude will give us objectivity, allow you to see how far you have come and be present on the journey to appreciate where you are in this moment. We don’t have to wait for huge milestones to be made or a big success to happen. Even the small things matter. In fact, it’s the small parts of life that add up to make big things.

I like to consider the things we see as small that we can take for granted as well. My ancestors struggled, rose and died for be to be in this place today. I often think about my enslaved predecessors in the African diaspora. I often think about my first nations roots where there are still people on the rez without clean drinking water or human rights. I’m  not diminishing living as a racialized WOC in these times however when I think about my problems in comparison to that, it’s minuscule. I’m grateful! What are you grateful for?

Gratitude Worksheet

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