Day 17~ Step into Authenticity

Being authentic about your life and entrepreneurship journey will inspire others to do the same. With such a fake social  media world that we live in, people crave to see others that they can truly relate to. Your community really want to see your lifestyle and real experiences! They want to know how you started and what it takes to maintain it not only the polished, finished perfect version and end result

Just like a book with chapters, people are on different chapters of life. We tend to be a society of comparison and competition and that often happens when you show your chapter 20 and not the transparency of your humble beginnings. Or lets be real…with all the fakeness out there people can supercifually act like they are on chapter 20 when really they are on chapter 5👀 I often see entrepreneurs showing fake screenshots of earnings or flexing in front of rented luxury cars.

This is a huge reason why I share my journey and why my community choose me personally to be a part of my business. They relate to me personally and I aspire to inspire my community about the entrepreneurship path through my personal examples and life experiences. I share humble beginnings. I have sacrificed my social life especially in my 20’s by immersing in my businesses. I sacrificed a 9-5 cheque when I quit my job to start a business and homeschool my kids. It was very tough! Not easy by any means. I still work very hard every day.

This new business comes with it’s new peaks and valleys. I simply always loved being my own boss so I did (and do) absolutely everything to stay a boss!

Again, share your truth. Let people journey with you. Don’t be fake, scam or hustle anyone! We have enough phonies in the world and most people can see right  through the fake shit.

Truth is. Entrepreneurship is not all rainbows but believe me, when it is there’s gold at the end of it🌈🌟

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