Day 13~Give & Take

There’s many new age perspectives on law of attraction and how the universe can serve us in success. One law we don’t hear about often, but it just as effective and powerful is the law of reciprocity.

It is hugely underrated. You see…we get back what we give out and we are in a society with the mentality of take, take, take. Little is it known that giving and serving is a powerful aspect of success.

The premise behind the law of reciprocity, especially in business is the more you give (and even overdeliver in some ways) the more that others will want to give back that generosity to you. It’s said that our psyches work in a way that the more we receive the more we want to match that. In the case of business, the more we offer services and products without asking anything in return but with the intent to simply educate, serve and fill a need the more grateful they are and will want to return the offer with buying from you

Now, with all things in balance. It’s not about giving with strings attached or with motives to get something back.

Personally, I learned to simply give without expectations of any specific results. If it reaches 1000 people and makes a difference then I’m grateful! If it reaches 1 person I’m grateful just the same

How can you apply the law of reciprocity in your life? How can you Give & Take?

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