Day 12~ Lessons from Obstacles

“Nana korobi, ya oki”(Fall down seven times, stand up eight)

Many don’t happen TO us but FOR us. With an abundance mindset, we can take obstacles and perceived failures as life lessons and ways to learn and grow.

We are all students of life and what is life without obstacles? Life will be predictable and boring! We are meant to have challenges as ways to urge us to grow.

Ups and downs are a part of life. It allows you to step back, retrace your steps and discover how you can do things bigger and better moving forward

I learned that many obstacles have happened in my life to protect me. I have many examples. One example is in the previous business that I had. I knew on my spirit that it was time to close my business of 16 years. Once I did, shortly after a huge scandal regarding the industry that I was in broke out. Had I been in business it would have effected me greatly!

What obstacles have you faced that you can learn from?

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