Day 10~Subconscious Mind Power

Tapping into your subconscious mind will elevate your mindset

All of the beliefs, habits and inner dialog  is beneath the surface of your conscious thoughts.Your subconscious mind is powerfully impressionable and soaks in your unconscious thought process like a sponge.

Does your subconscious mind grow flowers or weeds?

If your thoughts are considered seeds of your consciousness, are the seeds being planted growing weeds or flowers?

Test your thoughts 

Test your self-talk and inner dialog. What are the unconscious thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself? A valuable technique is that once you notice a bad seed/thought about to be planted, replace it with a good seed. Replace those thoughts with healthy thoughts right away to change the direction of your thought process


A powerful visualization technique that I use is visualizing myself living at my full potential in all the qualities and characteristics that I believe are my strengths and gifts. The more you visualize yourself at your best the more you can call it into existence


Taking the time to sit and process your whole day from beginning to end will help you absorb things deeper in your consciousness. Often times the things we go through daily are forgotten or overlooked and various emotions we go through are unresolved if we don’t sit with them and allow time to process those emotions from events of the day


Repeat inspiring and motivational affirmations to yourself to tap into your greatness. Affirmations

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